Benefits of Becoming a Shareholder

dci is a 30 plus year old selling group. dci is a national organization of independent grocers that foster collaborative selling relationships between its shareholders, manufacturers, and key stakeholders in the Canadian grocery industry.

dci is a selling group consisting primarily of progressive, independent grocers, formed in 1981. These grocers saw the corporate chains obtaining better net costs and rebates than independents enjoyed. Realizing strength lay in numbers, they combined their volumes, gaining higher rates and lower net costs as a direct result. A general rule of thumb indicates shareholders enjoy a minimum net earnings increases of .25% of gross sales. Example: $5,000,000 sales per year x 0.25% = $12,500 earnings.

dci takes pride in being able to send rebates to members on a mostly monthly basis. This is a much shorter time frame than commonly found in groups, allowing members/shareholders to enjoy the benefits more quickly. As a result, members/shareholders are again, more competitive in the marketplace.

Due to its approach to business and its relationship with suppliers, dci has experienced dramatic growth over the last few years.

Grocers join dci through the purchase of a $1,500 share certificate, with each member/shareholder owning one share. There is also an annual administrative fee used to operate the D.C.I. office. There are two levels of administration fees:

Level 1 - Sales below $4,000,000 a year

  • $1,700 fee
  • $100 per store

Level 2 - Sales above $4,000,000 a year

  • $2,950
  • $100 per store

dci can help you with measurable and tangible benefits:

  • Earned cost reductions
  • Strength in numbers
  • Increased bottom line
  • Cost effective, polled purchasing
  • Help reducing your operating expense
  • Member helping member, more interdependent as well as independent.
  • Access to who makes the decision and pay the bills.

dci members have a collaborative relationship with its Supplier Partners.

For more information please contact Barry Lanteigne at the dci office.