What is D.C.I.?

Distribution Canada Inc. (dci) was formed as a buying group for "Independent Canadian Grocers" in 1981. To date, membership has grown to include independent grocers, small grocery chains, wholesalers/distributors, and C-store chains. Collectively members / shareholders operate thousands of retail outlets with combined annual retail sales in the Billions.

dci is a national organization of independent retailers that foster collaborative selling relationships between its shareholders, manufacturers, and key stakeholders in the Canadian grocery industry.

To transform dci into an efficient selling organization

How It Works
To the independent retailer, or those who wish to be - dci is the alternative that provides an opportunity to remain competitive by retaining earned incentives through direct purchases and making your own decisions. Each member / shareholder continues to have an equal vote in the future direction of the corporation. Suppliers, who recognize dci as important to the market, operate in a multitude of categories and equipment or service companies. dci channels efficiently all earned volume incentives directly to its retail members on a monthly basis.

The continued existence of dci as an alternative for independent entrepreneurs, suppliers and consumers is more important today than it was at its beginning.

Don't wait and join dci to start earning!